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Category Archives: 「Listening Drills」

Listening Drill 第11回

Reading Drill No.11   The strict birth control policies have serious economic consequences too.  China’s […]

Listening Drill 第10回

Reading Drill No.10   History shows that although fire is incredibly useful, it can also be destructive, and t […]

Listening Drill 第9回

Reading Drill No.9  Of all the natural elements, fire seems to fascinate people like no other, and legends and […]

Listening Drill 第8回

Reading Drill No.8  However, population scholars aren’t so sure.  Among them is Peng Xizhe, Dean of Soci […]

Listening Drill 第7回

Reading Drill No.7  When Alemu started SoleRebels, other Ethiopian shoe companies were struggling to compete w […]

Listening Drill 第6回

Reading Drill No.6  There have been 44 presidents of the United States.  Some are remembered as courageous her […]

Listening Drill 第5回

Reading Drill No.5 Sutherland became famous for singing a particular type of opera called bel canto, which mea […]

Listening Drill 第4回

Reading Drill No.4 ・ Before Christmas, workers at a company workshop―actually, a small house―were busy cutting […]

Listening Drill 第3回

Reading Drill No.3 ・ It has been three decades since China’s one-child policy was introduced as a tempor […]

Listening Drill 第2回

Reading Drill No.2 ・ Writer, filmmaker, and bicycle touring enthusiast Dan Austin is saving the world, one bic […]