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Category Archives: 「Listening Drills」

Listening Drill 第21回

Reading Drill No. 21  I find it encouraging that the list of scientific studies using citizen scientists is qu […]

Listening Drill 第20回

Reading Drill No.20 The best citizen science projects are win-win situations.  On the one hand, the scientific […]

Listening Drill 第19回

Reading Drill No.19  Two recent studies show that it can.  The first focused on volunteer knowledge and skills […]

Listening Drill 第18回

Reading Drill No.18  In formal studies, professional scientists and other experts need to maintain the highest […]

Listening Drill 第17回

Reading Drill No.17  When volunteers participate as assistants in activities like these, they are engaging in […]

Listening Drill 第16回

Reading Drill No.16 Catching Bees and Counting Fish: How “Citizen Science” Works  It’s a sun […]

Listening Drill 第15回

Reading Drill No.15   Today hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the country and around the world mak […]

Listening Drill 第14回

Reading Drill No.14  There are many legends regarding the origin of the Blarney Stone, and most of them are re […]

Listening Drill 第13回

Reading Drill No.13   The word blarney comes from the Blarnery Stone, a legendary block of bluestone built int […]

Listening Drill 第12回

Reading Drill No.12   The Irish are said to be blessed with the gift of blarney.  This means that they are sup […]