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Career development is an approach in which employers make planned efforts to find a goal for the future by developing the employee’s ability for a job.
Specifically it involves a series of processes by which companies test the aptitude of employees and,  based on the results, conduct education and training programs for employees that are intended to link to future personnel allocation and promotion.
「日本はこれからcareer developmentを政策として推し進めるべきです。なぜなら、産業構造が変わるにつれて、人材不足が深刻になったり、人材が余ったりすることが予測されるからです。例えば、最先端分野のAIやIoTで技術者がこれから大幅に不足することが予想されます。逆に、これまでIT産業に携わっていた人材が余りますから、AIやIoTで働ける人材を育て、同時にITで働いていた人にAIやIotの技術を教えないといけません。これから日本ではcareer developmentが重要な課題になります。
Japan should advance career development as a government policy from now.  Because with the change in the industrial structure, there is a shortage and surplus of human resources in many skill fields. For example, in cutting-edge areas such as AI or Iot the shortage of technicians is becoming more and more serious. On the other hand, there has been an excess of human resources in the IT industry up to now.So Japan should develop human resources to eliminate the excesses and shortages of talent in these fields.

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