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Posing ①
If you can control your body and breath with the method of Zen, then you can control your mind. In this exercise, we guide you to a way to control your body, that is, a position when you breathe.

When you are shackled by anxiety or stress, this position is a good way to release them. This is closely similar to a yoga position named “Wind Relieving Pose”.

Lie on your back on a soft mat or blanket in a comfortable position. You can use a pillow or rolled-up towel if you want. Bend your legs slowly, one after the other, onto the chest, and hold them. But don’t pull your legs into the chest too much. Keep your spine long as if you press each vertebrae into the floor, and give attention not to curl your shoulders up. If it is hard to clutch your knees to your chest, hold your legs behind the knees. Give attention to your breathing learned before. Hold for as long as you feel comfortable. End with letting go of your knees slowly.
Don’t shut out of your life any uneasiness or any stress. Maybe this will lead you to the change that you are longing for. So try not to get rid of this but to get along with this.
A long, long time ago, when our ancestors used hunt wild animals, they felt stress encountering savage beasts. But Feeling stress was their body’s preparation for survival. Stress made their heart beat faster in order to oxygenize their body, and it made the frequency of blinking increased in order to watch everything in front of them. That is to say, stress is necessary for coming out of a crisis.
It is said that the resistibility of rats under a moderate stressful environment is higher than that of rats under a comfortable environment. And you are probably thinking that feeling no pain is wonderful, but such a body must bend strangely and resistibility decreases.
So it is important to get along with anxiety and stress and avoid dominated by them.

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