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Meditation is a method to control your mind. Once you learn this method, you can practice meditation any time and any place. You don’t have to sit on a Zafu(cushion). With just one minute of meditation, you can get results. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs got interested in meditation not only for its effect but for its convenience. If you get accustomed to meditation, you can change your life dramatically.
瞑想の基礎になってる東洋的な考え方が「心身一如(mind-body unity)」です。つまり、心と身体は1つにつながっているという考え方です。だから、瞑想で「身体」と「呼吸」をコントロールできると、「心」もコントロールできるようになります。言い換えると、目に見えなくてコントロールが難しい「心」ではなく、自由に変えられる「身体」や「呼吸」をまず意識してコントロールすることによって、「心」をリラックスさせたり、集中させることができるようになるわけです。
Meditation is based on the oriental thought, “心身一如” that is “mind-body unity.” In other words, this is the thought that mind and body are related closely. So if you can control your body and breath with the method of Zen, then you can control your mind. In fact, the mind itself is hard to control, but you can become consciously aware of and control your body and breath. By doing so, you learn to unbend your mind and focus your attention.
Since mind and body were separated by Descartes, mind was reduced to a device to pursue the scientific truth. It’s OK with thinking scientifically and storing up this kind of knowledge in the form of words. But not for creating objects of art, or acquiring the art of living a life true to itself.
The result of division between mind and body is that we have come to attach importance to non-experiential information such as that we get from books and the Internet and from analysis and deduction rather than the information we get from our five senses at any given moment.
Divided from experiential, empirical information, our mind also will be divided from “at this very moment.” So our concentration will be lost, and our attention will be diminished. We worry over what is no use worrying about, and dwell on what is already over. And to make the matter worse, we are unaware of that. In order to stop this situation, mind and body should be unified again. Meditation is the method by which this can be done.
Daisetsu Suzuki who introduced Zen to Europe mentioned as follows.
“The truth consists in personally experiencing whatever this may be. And not appealing to an intellectual approach or systemic theorization. The latter busies itself with the detail of technique, and is consequently superficial and never leads to the central fact of the matter. “
As a matter of fact, modern studies are headed for specialization and segmentalization, and we can only see part of the truth we are seeking.
Palladoxically speaking, even if I try to explain meditation with words systematically, it can reveal only part of meditation. So I will give you a suggestion! Why don’t you experience meditation directly with our Trial Meditation.
You can practice meditation any time and any place. But in order to concentrate “at this very moment,” it is in a quiet place that we can do this most effectively. The condition of our lacking concentration and attention seems as if our mind is filled with muddy water. We cannot see well in low visibility. If we can calm ourselves in a quiet place, our mind will become clear and have a good prospect.
さて、こんな静かな場所で瞑想を体験してみませんか。ここには曹洞宗のお坊さんもいて、瞑想を指導してくれます。是非このTrial Meditationを滞在地の1つに入れてください。
We can offer a calm place for your best meditation as follows. And we have a monk belonging to the Soto Zen Buddhist sect who can instruct you how to practice meditation. We hope you will add our Trial Meditation experience to your itinerary.


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