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Syssy File (20)

Misguided Ghosts(2)
Now I’m told that this is life and pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it
Would someone care to classify our broken hearts and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on and run to them
Full speed ahead
*someoneをtheyで受けてる。文法的には間違ってるけど、前のrun from themに合わせてrun to themにしたかった。
“classify” usually means “divide into classes”, but in this case “set chaos in order” → “clear  the  problem” → “heal  the hurt mind.” “Someone” is pronominalized to “they.” This is grammatically incorrect. But this can make a similar figure to “run  from them” in the previous phrase. If we endure the pain or anxiety from eternal return, we can squeeze through. In fact we cannot help but think when we had “God” or the old “concept of values” and chase after new ones. We do hope to fill our empty hands with comfort. But something broken cannot be recovered.
*パラモアはよく”pain”をテーマにする。それは人の行為や言葉、失恋などの「苦痛」よりも、永劫回帰の「苦痛」を言ってる。僕らが信じてきた古い価値観は正しくなかった。でも、それに代わる新しい価値観を見つけないと、心はねじれて傷ついて、上手く生きてはいけない。そんな新しい価値観を見極めるための「目」がBrand New Eyesかな。
Paramore deals with “pain” in their music. It is not from others’ deed or words but from eternal return. We know that our old set of values was not correct. But we cannot live without new values instead, having broken hearts and twisted minds. With “Brand New Eyes”, we could find out these new ones.

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