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Syssy File (19)

Misguided Ghosts
*misguided climberで「方向を失った登山者」。浮遊霊はwandering ghostだけど、方向を失って彷徨っているという意味では同じ。
“misguided climbers” means “lost climbers.” “浮遊霊” should be translated into “wandering ghost,” but these two words have almost the same meaning.
I am going away for a while but I’ll be back don’t try and follow me
‘Cause I’ll return as soon as possible
returnはニーチェのeternal returnを思わせる表現。パラモアはreturnを次でcircleにつなげている。このcircleという言葉をパラモアは何度か別の曲でも使ってる。それ以外の歌詞はあまり意味がない。
return” implies Nietzsche’s eternal return. “returrn” will be changed to “circle” in the next phrase. Paramore uses the word ” circle” in another song several times. Otherr words in this phrase have no meaning.
See I’m trying to find my place and it might not be here where I feel safe
We all learn to make mistakes and run from them
mistakesとは既存の価値観や宗教を僕らが信じて来たこと。その間違いから逃げられるというのは、今まで正しいと思っていたものや神を否定すること。そうなると、世界には何の真理も理想も、神さえもいなくなり、すべてが無目的で偶然の出来事の無限の繰り返し(eternal return)になる。
Mistakes” mean that we believe in existing values and religions. “Run from the mistakes” suggests the denial of them. Then there is no truth, ideals, or even God. Everything in this world is a repeat of aimless, casual incidents, namely eternal return.
With no direction
We’ll run from them
With no conviction
But the state of “eternal return” is a painful, anxious, and helpless life. The rules of God or ethics have given us the route we should take in our whole life. If we lose them, we have no idea which way to go. Even if we choose one, we cannot determin if it is right or wrong. Without anything to rely on, we are gnawed by a sense of emptiness and fall into nihilism.
‘Cause I’m just one of those ghosts
Traveling endlessly
Don’t need no roads
In fact they follow me
And we just go in circles
Paramore changes “return” to “circle” here. We should determine which way to go ourselves. So there is no way ahead of us, but it appears behind us.

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