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Syssy File (15)

ドラマやアニメが扱うのは、ワンピースのように強い絆でむすばれた友情、友だちのように仲の良い家族、先生の言うことをきくよい子たちです。場合によっては、それを強調するために、それとは全く逆のこともあります。どれにも共通するのが、いつも皆で「よりそって」「つながって」青い鳥を探すことです。パラモアの言うように、決してno one’s aroundじゃないんですね。確かに、人とつながってれば気が紛れて楽しい。簡単に(安っぽい)感動を味わえます。でも、生きる希望は決して手に入りません。そのためには、1人で生と死に向き合わないといけません。人と群れていては、Gotta let it happenという境地には至りません。
Gotta let it happenというのは、今の自分の周りの状況をぜんぶ受け入れる覚悟です。今を否定して未来に希望を求めて必死であがくんじゃなくて、今の苦しい状況を全部受け入れるわけです。そうすれば、苦しさが和らぐよとパラモアは教えてくれています。
Religion and philosophy have given salvation to us until now. But Nietzsche killed God, and there is no school where we can learn philosophy.
Themes treated by dramas and animes are the ties of friendship like ONE PIECE, ties of family on friendly terms, and studentship with which students take what their teachers say to ear. Occasionally opposite situations are set to emphasize them. What is common among them is that they are seeking for a bluebird together. They hate the situation in which “no one’s around”. It is true we are happy to connect with other people in order to be diverted from hard reality. We can easily be impressed with such dramas and animes. But we can never get hope that can keep me alive. In order to get such hope, we should face life and death alone. We would never say “Gotta let it happen” if we hang out with others.
“Gotta let it happen” may imply that I am prepared to come to terms with hard reality, that I never go after the bluebird making a denial of the present. Paramore tells us that it can help your pain if you can do it.
What on earth is this rock group called Paramore? It is surprising that rock music should run ahead of religion or philosophy!

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