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Jhana File (24)

Let me explain the ninth Kanji character of the 80 for beginners, 「耳」.
⊿「目」(もく)=ears and eyes, attention
「世間(せけん)の耳目を集める」= draw attention
A high school girl who let her breasts be touched for free and filmed the scene to get a high browsing frequency drew increasing attention.
◇「」=eye(s) on-yomi「モク」「ガン」、kun-yomi「め」
◇自分(じぶん)の~= one’s own~
胸(むね)= breast(s)
さわる= touch
動画(どうが)= video
動画を撮(と)る= film
女子高生(じょしこうせい)= high school girl
世間(せけん)= world, public
She wanted everyone’s approval, but did it the wrong way.

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