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Jhana File (22)

Let me explain the fifty-eighth Kanji character of the 80s for beginners, 「」.
on – yomi「
kun – yomi「ふた(つ)」
⊿人生(じんせい)が度(ど)あれば= If I could have another life
I want to be the kind of person this time that I would never live a serious life, but get more lazy about everything. I would do a lot of stupid things. I would never look ahead, but seize the day instead. I would not make preparations, but act without rehearsing. Then I could make a lot of regrettable mistakes.
◇人生(じんせい)= life
◇二度(にど)= twice, again, another~
◇今度は(こんどは)= this time, next time
◇真面目にやる(まじめにやる)= get serious, not play games
◇真面目に生きない= lead a lazy life
◇楽(らく)に生きる= live with comfort
◇バカなことをする= do stupid things
◇先(さき)のことを考(かんが)える= think about the future, look ahead
◇今(いま)を楽(たの)しむ= seize the day
◇準備(じゅんび)をする= make ready, build a bridge, provide
◇ぶっつけ本番(ほんばん)でやる= act without rehearsal
◇失敗(しっぱい)する= fail, make a mistake
◇悔(くや)しい思(おも)いをする= regret, repent

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