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Jhana File (21)

on – yomi「ヒャク」
kun – yomi「もも
⊿親バカ(おやばか)= blind parental love
Maruko became a fanatical fan of Momoe Yamaguchi because her mother told her that she and Momoe were alike.
◇まる子(まるこ)= Chibi Maruko-chan, a heroine of a Japanese famous anime.
◇百恵(ももえ)= Momoe Yamaguchi, a Japanese former singer, actress, and idol
◇AはBに似ている(にている)= A and B are alike, A is similar to B, A look like B, A take after B.
*日本的な数え方(Japanese way of counting)
20=ハタ、ハツ(20才=ハタチ= twenty years of age)(20日=ハツカ=the twentieth day of the month)
30=ミソ(三十路=ミソジ= thirty years of age)
100=モモ(百瀬=モモセ= a Japanese family name)
800=ヤオ(八百屋=ヤオヤ= vegetable shop, green grocery)
1000=チ(千歳=チトセ=a thousand years)

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