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Jhana File (19)

on – yomi「ヒャク
kun – yomi「もも」
⊿逆走(ぎゃくそう)=reverse run
An old man was driving a car along highway when news flash broke that a car was running in the reverse direction along the highway. Hearing the news, he exclaimed, “A single car? No kidding! Hundreds of cars are running in the wrong direction including a patrol car! What a hell What is going on in this country?”
おじいさん= old man
ハイウェイ= expressway, highway
ラジオ= radio
緊急ニュース(きんきゅうにゅーす)= news flash
逆走する車(ぎゃくそうするくるま)= a car running in the reverse direction
叫ぶ(さけぶ)= exclaim
もの~(なんびゃくもの~)= hundreds of~
台(だい)=機械(きかい)や器具(きぐ)を数える単位(たんい)=unit of credit to count things such as machines or fixings
パトカー=パトロールカー=patrol car, police car
一体どうなってるの=What is going on?

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