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Jhana File (17)

The answer is “time.” Twenty four hours, that is 86400 seconds, are given to us every day. The time we don’t use today cannot carry over to tomorrow. So we should budget our time well. And in case that you fail to do so, don’t mind. Because a new account will be opened every day! Time is really wonderful!
◇毎日(まいにち)= every day
◇秒(びょう)= second
◇繰り越す(くりこす)= carry over
◇明日に繰り越す= carry over to tomorrow
◇上手くゆく(うまくゆく)= do it well, meet with success
◇口座を開く(こうざをひらく)= open a new account
◇やり直す(やりなおす)= do it again, start fresh, work over

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