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Jhana File (16)

on – yomi「コウ
kun – yomi「くち」
座(こうざ)= account, bank account
◇なぞなぞ= riddle
◇お金を振り込む(おかねをふりこむ)= transfer money [to your account]
◇残額(ざんがく)= remains, remaining amount
◇残額がゼロになる= the remains become zero
◇預金を引き出す(よきんをひきだす)= draw your money
Let’s play riddles! You have a bank account. 86400 yen is transferred to the account every day. But at the end of the day no money is lefft in the account. In other words the money gone. You must draw out all the money. And you surely have this account! What is it?

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