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Jhana File (13)

Let me explain the fifty-fifth Kanji character of the 80s for beginners, 「」.
on – yomi「ソン」
kun – yomi「むら
⊿田舎の村(いなかのむら・villages in countryside)
Thick human relations are grounded in country villages. All villagers know each other very well. So they know where, when, and what others are doing. They are wary about strangers, and never say to outsiders what they really feel.
◇田舎(いなか)= countryside, country
◇人間関係(にんげんかんけい)= human relation(s)
◇関係が濃(こ)い= thick and heavy
◇村人(むらびと)= villager(s), village people
◇全員(ぜんいん)= all the people
◇誰(だれ)= who
◇どこ= where
◇何(なに)= what
◇よそ者(もの)= stranger(s)
◇警戒心(けいかいしん)= wariness
◇Aを警戒する= be wary about A
◇本心(ほんしん)= what someone really feels

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