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Jhana File (11)

Let me explain the fifty-fourth Kanji character of the 80s for beginners, 「休」.
on – yomi「キュウ」
kun – yomi「やす(む)
Staff : I will take off from work tomorrow because my grandmother died.”
Chief :Oh, your grandmother has died six times up to now, hasn’t she?
Staff : Yes. Every time my grandfather got remarried, his catch soon went to heaven.
Chief : You’d better notify the police about that!
◇婆(ばあ)ちゃん=お婆(ばあ)さん= grandmother
◇死(し)ぬ=die, pass away
◇会社(かいしゃ)を休(やす)む= take off from work
◇再婚(さいこん)する= remarry
◇天国(てんごく)に行(ゆ)く(=死ぬ)= go to heaven, die
◇警察(けいさつ)に届(とど)ける= notify something to the police
「休」consist of「イ」and「木」. 「イ」means「人(person)」, and「木」means “tree.” So the kanji character「休」shows that someone is resting beside the tree.

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