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Jhana File (10)

「力」= strength
on – yomi「リキ」「リョク
kun – yomi「ちから」
■腕力(わんりょく)= muscular strength
Equality of the sexes? No kidding! We women are superior to men and degrade ourselves to go along with men. That’s why God took our muscular strength away from us. (Yoko Ono)
◇男女平等(だんじょ・びょうどう)= equality of the sexes
◇冗談(じょうだん)= joke
◇冗談じゃないわ= No kidding!
◇優秀な(ゆうしゅうな)= excellent, high-grade, superior
◇レベルダウンする= degrade
◇Aに合わせる= go along with A
◇神様(かみさま)= God
◇取り上げる= take away

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