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Syssy File (9)

Let’s learn about the humble form of 行く. As a general rule, the humble form of 行く should beお行きする (oiki suru), but properly it is 参る (mairu). And if you use 参る as it is, it sounds like the language used in samurai dramas. If you don’t want to perform a samurai play, you had better use a politer form of 参る, that is 参ります (mairimasu). But don’t put “o” at the head of参ります because お参りする or お参りします means “visit shrines.” And don’t use いたします (itashimasu) with 参る as in 参りいたします (mairi itashimasu).
And in humble forms the speaker always considers himself to be at the lowest level. So the subject of the humble sentence is “I.” If the subject of the sentence is other than “I,” using the humble form will not be correct.

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