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What’s GUI?

Let’s memorize Japanese words with ease! Today’s word is “疑問(gi-mon)” The pronunciation of “gi-mon” sounds like “GUI, mom”. So how about memorizing the word”疑問(gi-mon)” with “What is “GUI, mom? ” “Oh, it means ‘Graphical User Interface’, but you should ask such questions of your teachers!” If you have any ideas for words that sound like “gi-mon”, please let me know! (I picked up the word “疑問”from the questions in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
「私はその措置が合法かどうか疑問に思う」I question whether the measure is legal.
「疑問に答える」provide an answer to the question / respond to the query
「人と協力し合う」cooperate with each other
「Aには疑問がのこる / 疑問の余地がある」A is open to question
「彼の頭の良さは疑問の余地はない/確かだ」He is bright, beyond question.

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