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It’s been five years since I haven’t been able to sleep without sleeping pills. I had a vague idea that this was due to stress, but I guess I was wrong. Of course I’m stressed out for lots of reasons, but according to the doctor I’m suffering from caffeine intoxication. I don’t drink coffee very often because it upsets my stomach, so I thought the doctor must be wrong. But now that I think about it, for several years I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a few of those energy drinks every day. I also drink green tea and cola sold in plastic bottles, and cocoa pretty often. So the doctor says that’s a completely excessive intake of caffeine. When I stopped drinking all those drinks, I got a bad headache because of the widening of the blood vessels in my brain that had been constricted by caffeine. This confirmed my caffeine intoxication. The doctor says there are individual difference, but caffeine intoxication causes sleep disorders in many cases. Recently, students studying for exams take caffeine pills or drink preparations that “wake you up.” This results in excess intake of caffeine, the body is in a continuous excited state, and in extreme cases the heart stops beating. I suggest that if you know any children who take these drink preparations and pills, you should tell them to quit. The right amount of caffeine is a magic potion that can energize you. But nothing is good when taken in excess. When you feel sleepy, you should just go to sleep. That way you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and be able to study well. It’s a good idea not to try to control the body’s natural rhythm.

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