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問題  大阪大2016年度
Though we unconsciously understand that human mental conditions are dependent on environment, and this seems to be too clear, it is not easy to prove it with scientific means.  Besides, when we prove the connection to health conditions, it is more complex to prove it.
It is true that letters play an important role to develop culture, but there are losses which are brought about by the existence of letters. One of them is a recollection ability.  Without letters, we cannot preserve important things by recording them.
Brain is not able to preserve memories when you are sleep deprived.
This is the best way to preserve important documents.
I record my thoughts and experiences in my diary.
She records a lot of English words in her memory.
だから、祐真くんの答案もin memoryを付けてやると正しい英語になります。
We can preserve important things by recording them in our memory.

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