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Listening Drill 第19回

Reading Drill No.19

 Two recent studies show that it can.  The first focused on volunteer knowledge and skills.  In this study, a scientist asked volunteers to identify types of crabs along the Atlantic coast of the US.  He found that almost all adult volunteers could perform the task and even third graders in elementary school had an 80% success rate.  The second study compared professional and nonprofessional methods.  Following a strict traditional procedure, a group of 12 scuba divers identified 106 species of fish in the Caribbean.  Using a procedure designed by professionals to be more relaxed and enjoyable for volunteers, a second group of 12 divers spent the same amount of time in the same waters.  Surprisingly, the second method was even more successful: this group identified a total of 137 species.  Results like these suggest that research assisted by amateurs can be trusted when scientists organize it.

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