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Listening Drill 第16回

Reading Drill No.16

Catching Bees and Counting Fish: How “Citizen Science” Works

 It’s a sunny afternoon here in Texas, and my wife Barbara is at the park again, counting and recording the number of eggs laid by monarch butterflies.  After collecting her data, she’ll share it with the professional scientist who recruited her.  In another state, our friend Antonio listens for frogs by visiting 12 different states, four times a year.  He has been submitting his findings to scientists for almost 20 years now.  And on the other side of the country, our niece Emily is catching native bees, putting tiny tags on them, and handing in weekly reports to the biology department at a local university.  Nobody is paying Barbara, Antonio, or Emily for their efforts, but all three consider themselves lucky to be “citizen scientists.”


  1. wrote:

    こんにちは。英作文の勉強をしていて気になったのですが、Nobody と No one はどのように使い分けるべきでしょうか?

    土曜日, 5月 16, 2020 at 7:20 PM | Permalink
  2. wrote:

    全部否定さん!返信が遅くなってごめんなさい。NobodyとNo oneは全く同じ意味・用法です。先生によっては「no oneは一般的、nobodyは限られた集団について用いられる傾向がある(ロイヤル英文法§108-[3]nobodyの用法-脚注)」と言ったり、その逆だと言ったりします。でもnative speakerたちはこの2つを区別していませんから、気にせずに使ってください。

    木曜日, 5月 21, 2020 at 9:05 AM | Permalink

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