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but、howeverやbecause、for exampleなどの論理語があれば、主張文が簡単に見つかって、その中に出てきて何度も繰り返される名詞がテーマです。でも、いつも論理語がハッキリと目に見えているわけではありません。そんな時はこちらで論理語を補ってやる必要があります。こんな具合です。
Today hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the country and around the world make the trip to this tiny village each year in order to kiss the Blarney Stone.  [But] kissing the stone is no easy task.  [Because] it is set high in the castle wall.  Visitors must first climb the long steps to the top of the wall.  Then, in order to reach the stone they must lie on their backs on the walkway above it and lean over backwards while an attendant holds their legs to prevent them from falling.  Now there are warning signs, for in the past, several unfortunate visitors have fallen to their deaths as they tried to kissed the stone.  Still, the prize is worth the danger, for it is said that once it is kissed the stone grants to that individual the gift of eloquence.
こうしてやれば、butの直後文、becauseの直前文が主張文で、その中の名詞、kissing the stoneがテーマだと簡単に分かります。

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