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Recently I traveled for the first time in a long time and I felt that we can see so many stars in the countryside that we are surprised. Scientifically, this is because there is clean air in the country side, but I often hear that our mental conditions are reflected in our view.  When I traveled, I may have felt a pure feeling like children because I wanted to escape from daily life where I have a lot of work to do.
my mind was perhaps unusually pure, like that of an innocent child
my heart may have been unusually clean, like that of an innocent child
歌詞の中に出てくることはあっても、普通は「人is pure」とか「人’s mind is pure」あるいは「人’s heart is clean」などとは言いません!「人is clean」だと俗語で「人は無実である」の意味になります。そして、「汚れのない純真な心を持っている」の意味で「人is pure-minded」とは言いますけどね。
At the time when I dared to escape for a short period from a life in which I had just been too busy with daily affairs, it might have been because I was letting the innocent child in me take over.
さて、森田君!多分、君はlive a happy lifeの様な同族目的語っぽい表現にしたかったのでしょうが、「人feel a pure feeling」とは言いません。「人experience a pure feeling」なら考えられないこともありませんがね。それでは今日は、「雑事に追われて忙しいだけの生活」の表現を勉強しましょう。
①my daily life of just being busy with various chores
This is the house where Beethoven was born.
=This is the house in which Beethoven was born.
daily life where I have a lot of work to do(×)
=daily life in which I have a lot of work to do(○)
でも、残念ながらdaily lifeは場所でも状況でもないので、whereを使うことができません。飾りの部分の英語を復元するとI have a lot of work to do in daily lifeですから、in whichじゃないといけないわけです。だから、daily life where I have a lot of work to doのwhereをin whichにしてやります。ま、「~ばかりの毎日」をもっとカッコ良く書きたければ「daily life of~ing」の同格表現を使って、こんな風にしてやります。これを覚えておくと結構使えますよ!
daily life of practicing the piano
daily life of being busy with various chores

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