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【講義ノート147】「What is A like?」

What is the weather like today?
What is Mr. Yabushita like?
A is like B」で「AはBのようなものだ」で、それを「Aはどのようなものか?」と訊いているのが「What is A like?」です。モノの状態や人の性質だけじゃなくて、例えば「大金持ちってどんな気分だろうね」とか「ロケットを操縦するってどんなんだろうね」なども、形式主語itを使えば簡単に表現できます。当然、to以下が真主語です。
What is it like to be a super rich person?
What is it like to pilot a plane?
I have no idea what it is like to be a super rich person.
I can easily imagine what it is like to pilot a plane.
「What is A like?」がAの性質状態を訊いているのに対して、「What do[es] A look like?」になると、Aの見た目の印象を尋ねることができます。
He had completely forgotten what I looked like.
What’s Scotland (like) in summer?
Many children don’t understand [ like / to / a parent / what / it’s / be ].
→what it’s like to be a parent
“It looks like rain.” “[it / that’s / what / like / looks ].”
→That’s what it looks like.
【第31章 疑問詞と疑問文】例文=281

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